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Revealed: 4 Best International E-Commerce Platforms

Do you want to sell your products within no minute? If yes, you need to consider targeting both global and local customers. With this, you can sell to a massive number of customers and increase sales. There are great international e-commerce platforms that will help you go globally. These platforms have advanced marketing features to enable you to reach your target customers. Also, they have features that will enhance the customers’ experience. As you know, customers are important as they can lead to the success of your business. Thus, you need to fulfill their needs. Let’s have a clear view of the best international platforms:


Shopify is a leading platform that can enhance the growth of your business. It caters for both large and small businesses. The good thing about Shopify is that it is easy to use. With this, anyone can use it even without the design skills. Also, this international e-commerce platform has excellent marketing tools. They will allow you to reach global and local customers. The SEO is the most significant tool that will target the search engine users. Another tool is social media. It will enable you to reach those using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to search for the best deals online. Also, Shopify integrates with great marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. With this, you can sell more and increase income.


Magento is a popular international e-commerce platform. It will scale your site to enable it to handle a tremendous amount of work. This platform is suitable for those with the coding skills. Magento being an open source platform does not come with advanced features. You will have to add them. Magento is good for the enterprise business. At times the small business owners may find it challenging to use Magento because of its pricing. It charges $ 20,000 per year. However, the amount will increase depending on your demand for new features.


Do you want to enhance customers’ experience in your site? BigCommerce could be the best international e-commerce platform for you. It comes with features of discounts and coupon codes. With this, you can attract customers to your site,and they can make more purchases.


WooCommerce is an open source platform that will offer you the freedom to design a site with various advanced features. The good thing about this international e-eCommerce platform is the mobile optimization feature. This feature will allow those customers using the mobile device to navigate quickly through your site. Also, WooCommerce supports multiple languages. With this, it can be easier to communicate with international customers.

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