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4 Ways to Lock Out Cybercriminals When Selling Products to the International Market

Have you ever been a cybercrime victim? If not, do not desire such an experience. It is a painful moment when a customer’s purchase products on your site and loses their data.  Also, it’s sorrowful to go through hacking. You lose sales and customer trust.

As you know, rebuilding a lost reputation is the hardest thing to achieve online. Businesses who fall victims of cybercriminals end up changing their name to win back customers. While launching your international e-commerce website, you need to be aware of one reality – you are a major target of the online fraudsters. It is your responsibility to ensure you lock out these criminals.

For this reason, you must come up with strategies and tactics which will ensure your customers and business information are safe.  Here are 4 smart ways of locking out online fraudsters and hackers from your international e-commerce website:

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Update your website software

One of the preferences of hackers is outdated software. When your eCommerce website is running on this software chance of hacking are optimum. The hackers already have updated malware that can trespass through your site without any struggle. Your outdated software may not have the ability to restrict this malware. So, if you are running your site on an open source platform, it is your responsibility to update your software to conform to the modern security levels. Otherwise, a website running on a hosted platform is safe. The provider does the updating part. Hence you have no worries about this aspect

PCI compliant

Ensure your platform is PCI compliant

Certainly, you will be processing cards in you international e-commerce. Credit cards will be one of your primary payment gateways. In this essence, you must protect your customer’s card information. The cybercriminals target the cards as their prime area of attack. Running your site on a PCI compliant platform means that the card’s transactions are secure. You can have some peace of mind, and indeed, no one will track and steal the customers’ card details. So, when choosing an international e-commerce platform, always ensure it is PCI compliant

Go for platforms that offer SSL and other encryption protocols

One of the necessary security features in an e-commerce platform is the SSL protocol. This feature enables you to encrypt your end to end communications with customers. By this, it ensures no one can access any customer information without your permission or that of the customers. Also, this feature ensures your transactions with customers remain safe. Hence, applying encryptions in your e-commerce website locks out any hacking attempts. This way, you are confident in the security of your customers and business information.


In a word, choosing an international e-commerce platform with robust security features is crucial in dealing with cyber threats. Also, a secure hosting, updating software and PCI compliance are essential in safeguarding your website from online fraudsters and hackers.  

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